My great grandfather

Thomas McVey born 21 September 1886 11h 5m pm in 31 Greenvale Street, Glasgow to Iron Bolt Maker (journeyman) Thomas McVey and Margaret Rodger.

He lived in 30 Marlboro St, Camlachie, Glasgow in 1891. Aged 4, of Glasgow. Living in the household of father Thomas McVey aged 36, Smith's Hammersman, of Ireland, with mother Margaret McVey aged 34, of Paisley, Renfrewshire, sister Margaret McVey aged 11, Scholar, of Glasgow, sister Bridget McVey aged 9, Scholar, of Glasgow, daughter Agnes McVey aged 7, Scholar, of Glasgow, brother William McVey aged 4, of Glasgow, and sister Margaret Wood aged 2, of Glasgow.

He lived in 30, Marlborough Street, Glasgow, Camlachie in 1901. Aged 14, Baker's Apprentice, of Glasgow. Living in the household of widowed mother Margaret McVey aged 43, of Paisley, with sister Margaret McVey aged 21, Cotton Spinner, of Glasgow, sister Bridget McVey aged 19, Waft Cutter, of Glasgow, and brother William McVey aged 14, Baker's Apprentice, of Glasgow.

2 April 1923 - Thomas (bachelor) married Helen McCallum Crichton (widow). They were married in a religious ceremony, after publication according to the forms of the Roman Catholic Church, in St Mary's Chapel, Calton, Glasgow, witnessed by Jessie Kessack, 89 Abercromby St, Glasgow; Catherine Curran, 89 Abercromby St, Glasgow.

2 April 1923 - Thomas lived in 55 Marlborough Street, Glasgow, his occupation was General Labourer.

17 November 1949 7h 50m am - Thomas died aged 63 in 450 Gallowgate, Glasgow. Cause of death: Carcinoma of Lung Syncope. Informant: Ellen McVey, widow, present.

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