Alexander McDonald HendersonAncestorsAnnie Greig
Archibald GibbChristina McCallumChristina McDonald
Edward HendersonElizabeth HughesElizabeth Montgomery
Helen Crichton McVeyHelen CunninghamHelen McCallum Crichton
Hendosgenealogy WikiaHugh Maguire BurnsHugh McCallum
James HughesJean BlackJohn Burns
John CunninghamJohn McDonaldMargaret Cameron
Margaret McDonaldMaria InglisMary Carlton
Mary CoganMary GibbRobert Montgomery
Thomas HendersonThomas Henderson 1822Thomas Henderson Senior
Thomas McVeyWilliam InglisWilliam John Burns
William Shiress Crichton
File:236 Springburn Road, Glasgow.pngFile:30 Marlborough Avenue, Glasgow.pngFile:511 Bellgrove Street, Glasgow.png
File:Bell Street, Glasgow.pngFile:Black, Jean Birth 1817.jpgFile:Black Henderson, Jane Death 1899.jpg
File:Burns, Hugh Birth 1915.jpgFile:Burns, Hugh Death 1963.jpgFile:Burns, Hugh Maguire Marriage 1935.jpg
File:Burns, William John Death 1962.jpgFile:Burns, William Marriage 1914.jpgFile:CRICHTON, WILLIAM SHIRESS - MCCALLUM, CHRISTINA Marriage ScotlandsPeople.808A1661-D8CE-4C31-B120-2F1045ACDF60-M1876 644 08 0119Z.jpg
File:Canning Street, Calton.pngFile:Cogan Hughes, Mary Death 1904.jpgFile:Cowlairs Road, Glasgow.png
File:Crichton, Ellen Marriage 1923.jpgFile:Crichton, Nellie Marriage 1906.jpgFile:Crichton, William Shiress Birth 1850.jpg
File:Crichton, William Shiress Birth 1883.jpgFile:Crichton, William Shiress Death 1909.jpgFile:Crichton McVey, Nelly Death 1959.jpg
File:Crichton McVey, Nelly Death 1959 Corrected Entry.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Gibb, Archibald Marriage 1843.jpg
File:Gibb, Mary Birth 1844.jpgFile:Gibb Henderson, Mary Death 1913.jpgFile:Gibb Henderson, Mary Death 1913 Corrected Entry.jpg
File:Henderson, Alexander McDonald Birth 1900.jpgFile:Henderson, Alexander McDonald Marriage 1925.jpgFile:Henderson, Edward Birth 1841.jpg
File:Henderson, Edward Death 1897.jpgFile:Henderson, Edward Marriage 1866.jpgFile:Henderson, Thomas Birth 1822.jpg
File:Henderson, Thomas Birth 1869.jpgFile:Henderson, Thomas Death 1906.jpgFile:Henderson, Thomas Death 1929.jpg
File:Henderson, Thomas Death 1929 Corrected Entry.jpgFile:Henderson, Thomas Marriage 1841.jpgFile:Henderson, Thomas Marriage 1891.jpg
File:Hughes, Elizabeth Birth 1896.jpgFile:Hughes, James Death 1921.jpgFile:Hughes, James Marriage 1893.jpg
File:Inglis, Maria Birth 1891.jpgFile:Inglis Burns, Maria Death 1962.jpgFile:MCCALLUM, CHRISTINA Birth ScotlandsPeople.EC24FF96-5AD8-4A47-99F2-6EBE6BAE49A0-B1855 503 00 0014Z.jpg
File:Marlborough Street Greenvale Street, Glasgow.pngFile:McCallum Crichton, Christina Death 1904.jpgFile:McDonald, John Mariiage 1870.jpg
File:McVey, Thomas Birth 1886.jpgFile:McVey, Thomas Death 1949.jpgFile:Site of 201 High Street, Glasgow.png
File:Site of 21 James Street, Glasgow.pngFile:Site of 450 Gallowgate, Glasgow.pngFile:Site of 521 Gallowgate, Glasgow.png
File:Steel Street, Glasgow.pngFile:Wiki.png

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