My 3rd great grandfather

Hugh McCallum born 16 September 1824 in Kilmodan, Argyllshire, Scotland to Hugh MacCallum and Christian Crawford.

He lived in 65, Jamaica Street, St Enochs, Lanarkshire in 1851. Aged 28, Under Salesmain In A Calico W'House, of Glenderuel, Argyllshire. Living with him: wife Eliza McAllum aged 29, of Roseneath, Dunbartonshire, daughter Eliza McAllum aged 0, of Glasgow, and brother-in-law Robert Parrett aged 21, unmarried Journeyman Cabinet Maker, of Roseneath, Dunbartonshire.

Hugh married Margaret Cameron on 17 September 1854 in Dunoon and Kilmun.

He lived in Richard Street, Barony, Anderston, Lanarkshire in 1861. Aged 36, Coachman, of Kilmoden, Argyllshire. Living with him: wife Margaret McCullum aged 29, of Glenorkey, Argyllshire, daughter Christina McCullum aged 5, of Row, Dunbartonshire, daughter Hellen McCullum aged 3, of Greenock, and daughter Jane McCullum aged 0, of Greenock.

He lived in 7, Burnside Street, St George Glasgow, Milton, Lanarkshire in 1871. Aged 46, Driver of Engines, of Glenderule, Argyllshire. Living with him: wife Margt McCallum aged 39, of Glenurchie, Argyllshire, daughter Christina McCallum aged 15, unmarried Public Worker, of Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire, daughter Helen McCallum aged 13, Scholar, of Greenock, daughter Margt McCallum aged 13, Scholar, of Greenock, daughter Jane McCallum aged 11, Scholar, of Greenock, daughter Catherine McCallum aged 6, Scholar, of Glasgow, son Hugh McCallum aged 3, of Glasgow, and daughter Colina McCallum aged 0, of Glasgow.

He lived in 27, Kelvin Street, City, Milton, Lanarkshire in 1881. Aged 54, Hall Porter, of Glendrual, Argyllshire. Living with him: wife Margaret McCallum aged 48, of Glenorchay, Argyllshire, and son Hugh McCallum aged 13, Message Boy, of Glasgow.