My grandfather

Alexander McDonald Henderson born 3 October 1900 1h 10m am in 236 Springburn Road, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland to boilermaker Thomas Henderson and Margaret McDonald.

He lived in 236, Springburn Road, Glasgow, Dennistoun, Lanarkshire, Scotland in 1901. Aged 0, of Glasgow. Living in the household of father Thomas Henderson aged 31, Boilermaker, of Glasgow, with mother Margaret Henderson aged 29, of Glasgow, brother Edward Henderson aged 8, Scholar, of Glasgow, sister Christina Henderson aged 7, Scholar, of Glasgow, brother John Henderson aged 5, of Glasgow, and brother Thomas Henderson aged 2, of Glasgow.

Alexander (bachelor aged 24 of 30 Laverockhall Street, Glasgow) married Elizabeth Hughes (spinster aged 25 of 30 Villiers Street, Glasgow) on 23 March 1925. They were married at 21 Hope Street, Glasgow (By declaration in presence of George Ridley, 30 Villiers Street, Glasgow and Bernadette Hughes or Ridley also residing there).

His daughter, May Henderson, was born 15 September 1925.

His son, James Henderson, was born 11 April 1932 in 50 Petershill Road.

His son, Gordon Henderson, was born 19 October 1934.

He died aged 73 on 2 October 1974 at Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow. Res: 50 Wallaceweil Crescent Court. Cause of death: 1. Pneumonia and pressure sores 2. Immobilisation 3. Pern.... Vascular Disease 4. Amputation 17/8/1974